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Mis pensamientos luego del StevenBomb

Friend: Hey, are you ok?

Inner me: Lars looked like he really wanted to help Sadie but he’s still too scared and now that he didn’t
manage to escape the ship and is headed to Homeworld with Steven, that means we’re gonna get some Lars character
development where he’ll gain confidence and become a more loved character. There’s also the possibility, though,
that Lars might die on Homeworld because he is not needed and doesn’t have any special powers but then he’d die
without ever having truly admitted his feelings about Sadie without freaking out and denying things afterwards. I just
really want more Lars character development and screentime and I really hope we get that without any death.

Me: Oh, yeah I’m fine ♥



Steven Universe EP1: Steven activates his magic Gem shield by eating ice cream!

Steven Universe EP128: After months of being mentally and emotionally crushed under the psychological weight
of dealing with Jasper, Bismuth and the Rubies, having to live up to high expectations, having an identity crisis and not
knowing why he was born or what he is meant to do, constantly being mistaken for Rose Quartz and having to deal with the
enormous and complex legacy she left behind, Steven finally concedes and tells two Homeworld gems that he is Rose Quartz,
hands himself in to be taken to Homeworld for good, taking the blame for his dead mother’s war crimes and essentially
committing suicide in doing so, knowing that Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond will want to shatter his gem ♥





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